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Well here we are again. Fifteen months, two websites (this being the latest), almost two thousand high quality Bibles distributed into the hands of believers and a solid foundation written and carved out of the start of a never before seen five year discipleship program. Whew! It was exhausting just writing that much less living it. Forgive the run-on sentence, I would not resist!

It has been a time of miracles and tremendous growth for me as well as those who have so selflessly thrown themselves into the work of starting a new type of ministry from the ground up.

You can read the pages here and get the “scoop” of what “Bring The Light” ministries is all about. What you will get here, in the blog, is the story about the story, or what the ministry looks and feels like as we “do the deal” as they say.

My Pastor, Keith Craft of Elevate Life in Frisco Texas is fond of driving home, in the best of ways; “The thing is never about the thing but every THING is about everything.” This has never been so true as with Bring the Light Ministries. You see I absolutely did not want to nor intend to embark on this journey! I was “busy” doing what I believed God had called me to do…. OVER THERE NOT HERE! LOL!

This perhaps is best explained this way. I believe and always have that it is our decision whether we wrap God around our lives, as most do, or decide to wrap our lives around God. The later being the highest and best and what I believe God invites us to do through His word. The issue is in how I worded this. I specifically used the word “decide” not “choose” as it has serious implications when one is speaking about creating a ministry.

“Decide” The root word cis and its variants cid and -cide come from a Latin root which means ‘cut’ or ‘kill.’ You know “homicide”, “fratricide” and “pesticide” are all words we associate with death or killing. A decision in essence, is a ‘killing off’ of all possibilities except for one; if you are decisive you have ‘killed’ all other options. If you are going to wrap your life around God that is exactly what you will get to do. “GET” as in “it’s an honor”…and that is exactly what I did when I followed God’s leading, or even better put; His invitation to transform the work I was doing for Him “over there”. I felt that still voice inside say “I’m working over here. That thing you’re doing now is almost done and this is where I’m working now. Besides…over here…it’s what I know you love!” So I decided to go…killed off the old dream, burned the boats and stepped into the work God was doing over here. Discipleship and creating situations where those in need are given high quality copies of God’s word. Bibles that will or can last a lifetime. That’s what He is up to and I’m in!

Thus the Pastor Craft quote. The work for the Kingdom I was doing, the “thing” was great but its not about that “thing” or work…the Kingdom is the “everything” and that is why I decided to kill off that thing, with no turning back, to expand and be part of this.

So Welcome to Bring The Light Ministries…I’m glad you made it…over here!